For the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017, Team Daytona Beach presents the BEACH (Building Efficient, Affordable, and Comfortable Homes) House. The BEACH House is a forever home that has universal appeal for a small family with the desire to live sustainably without sacrificing comfort. Passive, energy-neutral technology is incorporated throughout the house and designed to perform in Florida’s hot, humid climate. The BEACH House design is grounded in sustainability, aiming to meet the needs of today while not sacrificing the needs of tomorrow. This idea is the foundation of the forever home design plan, allowing the homeowners the freedom to grow and stay in the house as long as they wish.

The BEACH House has a multitude of innovative and energy-efficient solutions. Below you will find three key solutions to ensure homeowners can live sustainably, without sacrificing comfort.

Hydroponic Garden

The BEACH House features a hydroponic garden on the south deck. The hydroponic garden can be utilized all year in Florida’s mild climate, providing its residents with fresh herbs and vegetables. Hydroponic gardening can reduce water consumption by up to 80-percent, reducing the load on Florida’s strained fresh water supply. The BEACH House aims to acquire 100-percent of the water for the hydroponic garden and all landscaping from rainwater collection off of the south roof. The grow channels, the channels in which the plants are placed will be integrated

HVAC System

The ductless HVAC system used in The Beach House allows for more accurate climate control and a greater aesthetic appeal. The house is up into three different zones which allow for specific temperature control. Instead of one central AC system where controlling the temperature is specified by opening or closing vents to the main system, a ductless system allows for a specified temperature for an individual room without having the whole system running at one temperature. With a ductless system there is not a need to run large and bulky ducts, and

ADA Compliance

The BEACH House is a forever home, encompassing aging-in-place design that has universal appeal for a small family with the desire to live sustainably, without sacrificing comfort. The BEACH House’s design can be fully ADA compliant, with only minor cosmetic changes. The home employs sustainable concepts through future-proof design, convenience, safety, and flexibility.